U G O X -- special T-shirt and apparel designs for special occasions and for everyday use.

Thank you for visiting UGOX .com -- your premiere source for custom graphic designs for T-shirts, sweatshirts, and other clothing and apparel.

We can design awesome looking T-shirts for your organization, club, event, special occasion, or for everyday wear.

We work with specialist printing shops that can apply the graphic designs to T-shirts or other apparel to be worn.

We can design T-shirts and other apparel for wider distribution.

Hip and modern, reserved or cool, the style choice is up to you!

You can also design shirts for loved ones and friends, no special occasion needed!

Contact us today by calling 1 (800) 566-8009 and dial extension 1.
You can also send us an E-mail message to the following address:
E-mail: usainfo@janmedia.com

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